The Chambers of Flavour | Gingerline

The Chambers of Flavours, presented by Gingerline is an immersive, 5 course dining experience. The location is a secret and is revealed to you just a few hours before your dining time via text.

Even as you arrive at the bar, you’re greeted with characters who explain you’re about to step inside a machine to take you to alternate universe. You’re sworn to secrecy before being launched through an archway, 4 at a time to begin the experience …

Chamber of Flavours Bar

Chamber of Flavours Bar

Into the machine to another dimension
What’s inside? I’ll be dammed if I mention.
All I can say, is that along the way,
You’ll be served culinary delights but you must crawl through the small and the tight
Surprises unfold and you are told
Stories and tales, from females and males, 
The quirky and strange, to the completely deranged.
Only the brave shall pass through.
I enjoyed it immensely, I’m sure you will too!


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